Practice Areas

Banking,Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Reorganizations, Creditor Rights, Commercial Law

Spangler, Jennings and Dougherty, P.C. has extensive litigation experience regarding the promotion and protection of creditor rights and recovery. Spangler Jennings and Dougherty, P.C. handles all aspects of bankruptcy, creditor's rights, commercial and foreclosure litigation including the extra-ordinary remedies of injunctions, attachments and replevins. The firm represents on a state-wide basis a wide variety of banks, businesses, lenders and individuals as well as bankruptcy trustees regarding creditor rights and remedies.  With over 30 years experience, Spangler, Jennings & Dougherty, P.C. is widely regarded for its representation of creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations.

The firm also has vast experience providing lending and re-finance counseling, documentation and compliance services for both banks and borrowers.  The firm counsels banks and financial institutions regarding all aspects of banking, commercial and real estate law.

Aside from its reorganized representation of creditors in Chapter 11 proceedings, Spangler Jennings and Dougherty, P.C., is also one of a limited number of Northern Indiana law firms that have achieved court-approved bankruptcy reorganization plans in behalf of Debtor-in-Possesion businesses through Chapter 11 process.  As such, Spangler Jennings and Dougherty, P.C. is uniquely equipped, based on its comprehensive experience and resources, to help any size firm reorganize their business. Partner Lawrence Kalina with thirty (30) years of experience heads up this section for Spangler, Jennings and Dougherty, P.C.

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